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Mini Howto: DreamWeaver CS4 SFTP

>I can not connect with you using dreamweaver CS4

You have to use Secure FTP (SFTP)

- open Dreamweaver CS4
- on top, click on site
- click on manage site
- select your site, then click edit
- under category, select “Remote Info”
- Select “Use Secure FTP (SFTP)”
- click ok, then done

You are now ready to connect.

Note: If you have an Apple Mac, please see the following;

“Adobe trouble shooting guide said if anything  might help it would be to delete the configuration files at USER/LIBRARY/APPLICATION SUPPORT/ADOBE/DREAMWEAVER CS4/EN_SH/CONFIGURATION folder and it worked but stay away from the system library.”

- Thanks to Dwight for the Mac tip!

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Mini Howto: FileZilla sftp connection

Question: How to setup FileZilla for a sftp connection

So, you want to connect to your ftp account securely huh?  Outstanding! Evey security measure you take, keeps your site that much safer.

If you haven’t already done so, download FileZilla (link opens a new window so you don’t lose your blog,  here:

Install and launch FileZilla.

At the top of the window are 4 entry boxes and a quick connect button.  Let’s get connected shall we?

In the example below, we are going to pretend that our domain we want to connect to is domain.com, to keep things simple, just leave off the www.  The text box starts with [ and ends with ], please don’t enter them :)

Host: [domain.com]
Username: [bob99]
Password: [**********]
Port: [22]

Port 22 indicates secure port.

Click “Quickconnect”

A warning message is displayed the first time you connect.  This  security warning simply states that you haven’t connected to this server before and reports the finger print.  Click the check box to save the connection for future sessions.  Future connections will only display this message if your site changes servers, you connect FROM a different computer, or there is a security issue with your connection.

Now, not only was the hostname, user name, and password encrypted durring your session, but so is all your data being sent to the server.

If you have a dedicated server with us are using SFTP, please notify us so we can disable basic FTP on your server for further protection.  Dreamweaver also support SFTP, as does other FTP clients.

We hope you have enjoyed the Mini Howto: FileZilla sftp connection

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ftp or sftp, the question

More and more m3 users seem to be getting security conscious.   This is a good habit to get in to and brings us to this topic.

So, what is sftp?

Sftp is basicaly just ftp over ssh.  Ssh is secure shell, a method of communicating with the server in an encrypted manor.

sftp uses ssh to encrypt not only your data, but your login/password as well.  Thus, keeping your site safer from evil doers.

Sftp is enabled by default on all m3server dedicated/vps servers.  Once you are using sftp, you should notify support so we can disable standard clear text ftp server on your server.  Then, update your password and your system is just that much more secure.

A couple of ftp clients that support sftp: filezilla | cuteftp

Happy sFTP’ing!

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