ftp or sftp, the question

More and more m3 users seem to be getting security conscious.   This is a good habit to get in to and brings us to this topic.

So, what is sftp?

Sftp is basicaly just ftp over ssh.  Ssh is secure shell, a method of communicating with the server in an encrypted manor.

sftp uses ssh to encrypt not only your data, but your login/password as well.  Thus, keeping your site safer from evil doers.

Sftp is enabled by default on all m3server dedicated/vps servers.  Once you are using sftp, you should notify support so we can disable standard clear text ftp server on your server.  Then, update your password and your system is just that much more secure.

A couple of ftp clients that support sftp: filezilla | cuteftp

Happy sFTP’ing!

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