country code redirect

This example illustrates how to redirect a directory or site to a different web site depending on your specific country codes using Apache’s htaccess. RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %{ENV:GEOIP_COUNTRY_CODE} ^(CN|TR|IN|ID|BR|JP|TH)$ RewriteRule ^(.*)$ [L] Of course, replace the example domain above with your appropriate choice.

Help prevent CDN subdomain being indexed.

Using the W3TC plugin we found that it was possible for google to be indexing the CDN subdomain. Here is what we did to help prevent the CDN subdomain from being indexed. 1) set the document root for the cdn subdomain to the following. DocumentRoot /home/wpadmin/ 2) go to the document root directory. 3) set […]

disable php opcache per site

In some cases, php opcache causes an incompatible php application to fail. Disabling for a single site instead of all sites is recommended: edit the web site’s root .htaccess file, place this at the very top of it: php_flag opcache.enable Off See also, “what is htaccess”

Default Ports Common To Our Services

Apache http: 80 https: 443 MySQL Port 3306, localhost, blocked by firewall by default to protect your databases from remote hosts. Contact support to request remote IP added to white list. Mail Client Configuration You should use IMAP for better mail reading experience especially with multiple devices. Hostname is best to use your server’s full […]

One Click install WordPress with cPanel

Login to your cPanel. Scroll down to SOFTWARE category. Click Site Software. Click WordPress Enter desired admin username and password. If you want WordPress install to the root directory of your domain, then leave the installation URL blank. Select Create New Database.  Click Install Congratulations your have installed WordPress!

Add new Nats join site

How to add a new NATS join site. – load new join site to the control panel using the same ftp user name as your nats domain – this creates the dns record (15 min or less) – this creates the apache config – Final step, have your programmer or us create a symlink for […]