One Click install WordPress with cPanel

Login to your cPanel. Scroll down to SOFTWARE category. Click Site Software. Click WordPress Enter desired admin username and password. If you want WordPress install to the root directory of your domain, then leave the installation URL blank. Select Create New Database.  Click Install Congratulations your have installed WordPress!

Add new Nats join site

How to add a new NATS join site. – load new join site to the control panel using the same ftp user name as your nats domain – this creates the dns record (15 min or less) – this creates the apache config – Final step, have your programmer or us create a symlink for […]

Flash player not working with android

Note: html5 player doesn’t have any known issues like this. Flash player appears to require videos to have extra meta data added using qt-faststart. ffmpeg command needs this entry at the end of the command: -movflags faststart If you have current videos that need to be fixed, then please get us a list of videos […]

TubeX Script – Permissions and Config.php

The following file and directory permissions need to be set for TubeX script to properly function. The tubeX database name, username, and password credentials are found in the Config.php M3 Example of path: /home/user/ You can test to see if your tubeX server requirements are met with the server-test.php. M3 Example of URL: M3Server is setup […]

Nats – ChartDirector

Error: ChartDirector/lib/phpchartdir530.dll: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS32 in Unknown on line 0 Fix Action: Make sure you use 64bit ChartDirector files. php.d/ChartDirector.ini extension=/home/user/nats/includes/ChartDirector/lib/phpchartdir530.dll Note: No need to copy files to php modules directory

Apache gzip compression

To save a bit of bandwidth and score higher on search engine optimization reports, enable gzip compression for text based files. Remember, images and videos do not compress and will only waste your server’s CPU. Place this code in your .htaccess file. WARNING: Make a backup of your htaccess file first so you can revert […]