.htaccess X-Frame-Options

OPTION 1: ALLOW-FROM ALLOW-FROM will whitelist iframes from the listed origins. Use the following example in your .htaccess file. Header set X-Frame-Options ALLOW-FROM https://www.that-site.com, http://www.my-own-domain.com OPTION 2: SAMEORIGIN SAMEORIGIN will improve the your site security and protect against ClickJacking. This option prevents an attacker from iframing the content of your site into others. You can enable […]

Unblock IP via M3 Admin Control Panel

Log in to your M3 Admin Control Panel EXAMPLE: https://servernamehere.m3xs.net/adm/ Note: Put your server name where it says yourservername in the example URL above. 1. Click Here to learn your IP. 2. Click List Blocked IPs 3. Look for your IP in the list. 4. If listed, Click Unblock 5. Your IP is now unblocked.

test geo ip

A quick test to see if GeoIP is working on your web server: <html> <head> <title>What is my IP address and Country</title> </head> <body> <? if (getenv(HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR)) { $pipaddress = getenv(HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR); $ipaddress = getenv(REMOTE_ADDR); echo “Your Proxy IP address is : “.$pipaddress. ” (via $ipaddress) ” ; } else { $ipaddress = getenv(REMOTE_ADDR); echo “My […]

Why use protocol relative URLs?

What are protocol relative URLs? Normal URLs look like: http://www.m3server.com/,80 https://www.m3server.com/,443 Both of these URLs define the protocol that will be used. Protocol relative URLs look like this: //www.m3server.com/ Dropping the protocol from the URL allows the browser to assign the current protocol to the URL. Why use protocol relative URLs? CSS Example: Protocol Relative […]

Helpful hints CDN caching

If cache control on an object is NOT specified by the website owner, the CDN will cache the content for a MAX of 2 hours. However, IF you specify a cache control entry for 5 min or 30 days, the object will reside in cache for that time frame. This cache time regards all clients, […]

Purge cache from CDN

Please read carefully. While this looks tough, it is very easy as you will see. Here is and example of the URL to access the purge feature. http://YOUR-SERVER-NAME-GOES-HERE.m3xs.net/mrtg/purge/status.php Note: The username and password are the same ones you use to access your servers MRTG graphs. 1.) To clear a file from the cache, enter the […]