Shared Hosting and VPS Servers – What’s the difference?

To lower your operating costs, several customers are placed on the same server.  This allows them to “share” the cost of a server.  With shared hosting, you not only share the physical hardware, but also the operating system.  This can sometimes limit what software you can install.

VPS Servers are also known as the industry buzz word – “Cloud Hosting”.  VPS Servers do share the same hardware with other customers.  The difference is much improved service:

  • Dedicated Disk space
  • Dedicated Memory
  • Dedicated CPU
  • Dedicated Operating System
  • Host as many domains as you wish
  • M3’s Control panel to add/remove domains/emails/mysql db

As you can see, its the next best thing to real dedicated server hosting.  If another server maxes out its CPU, your CPU is calm, processing only requests for your server.  You need a specific PHP module or apache configration?  No problem, with your dedicated operating system, you have further possibilities with software offerings.

So, while shared hosting is fine for small informational sites that need only the basic configuration, VPS servers give you much more service options and scalability. –