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Mini Howto: Email Client Setup

Question: What is my pop3 Server?
Answer:   domain.com

To connect to your pop3 server via an email client such as thunderbird, check your settings.  The incoming mail server, or pop3 server, should be set to your domain without any specific host names attached.  So, if your domain was example-fishing.com, then your pop3 server name would simple be:

example-fishing.com  (not pop3.example-fishing.com).

Question: What is my smtp server?
Answer: domain.com or your ISP

You can send email from your domain hosted at M3Server.com by checking your settings.  The outgoing mail server, or smtp server, should be set to your domain without any specific host names attached like the above example:

example-fishing.com (not smtp.example-fishing.com)

You also need to select, “my server requires authentication”.  Do not select  SSL.  Use the same user name and password as your email account.

If your ISP blocks port 25, like AT&T (which is a good thing, it controls spam and viruses from dsl attached computer networks), you can instruct your email client to use port 587, the alternate sendmail port.

Of course, we recommend using your ISP’s smtp server to send email.   Since you are connected to the ISP, you have authorization to email via their smtp servers and local smtp servers to your computer is probably faster than sending through a remote server on a remote network.

Happy Emailing :)

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