WordPress White Screen

WordPress is one of the most versatile scripts. However due to 3rd party scripts, themes, and plugins. WordPress can sometimes have problems. These problems usually break the php process and a white page is shown with no error. Here are most common causes and possible solutions.


1. Log into M3Admin Control Panel
2. Click Database
3. Click DB Browser
4. Click Launch phpMyAdmin
5. Browse table wp_options
6. Go to page 2 change: Change the template and style sheet to twentytwelve.


1. Open the File Manager
2. Open the wp-content folder
3. Rename the “plugins” folder to “plugins_old”
4. Create new empty folder called “plugins”
5. This will disable all the WordPress plugins
6. Refresh your WordPress site, and log into the WordPress Dashboard and verify site is working.
7. Enable plug-ins one at a time to see which one was causing the issues.

Note: the Memory_limit maybe maxed out.

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