WordPress Auto Update – M3 5 Series

Ready to update your WordPress instance but unsure what to do?

No problem, just follow this simple guide to get your next update done quickly and easily.

WARNING:   Do not complete this without first getting a new backup of your site files AND most importantly, your database.  I cannot stress this enough.  If your site’s contents are vital to you and your operation,  do not trust the upgrade process – GET YOUR BACKUPS FIRST.

Let’s get to the upgrade shall we, follow these steps:

  • login to your wp-admin dashboard.
  • click on updates or upgrade now at the top center of your dashboard.

Dashboard updates location:

  1. server name, enter localhost
  2. user name, just the ftp user name, not your email address
  3. your ftp user name’s password
  4. select FTPS (SSL)
  5. click proceed

Update WordPress credentials menu:

Why enter credentials?  This is because the site runs as the apache user, safest for security.  This is the most secure and preferred method of running a WordPress instance.

Follow the prompts, and be patient.  Depending on your server load, content size, this could take a few minutes.  If WordPress instructs you to upgrade your database, you must.

– M3Server Inc Managed VPS Hosting