M3 Control Panel 5.x – Create E-Mail Account

How to add an email account via the M3 Control Panel 5.x:

Note: The following assumes you have already added your domain to the server.

1) Login to your server’s control panel.

2) Under Email section, click on “Add Mailbox”.

3a) You will see two boxes, enter the user name in the first box.
3b) Select the domain name in the drop down box.

Doing so reveals more options IF the address is indeed valid.

4) If you would like to receive mail directly via this address to a mail client,
such as your phone, webmail, or mail client on your computer, then leave the
default option of, “yes”.

5a) Clicking in the user name box will prompt you for the user of this mail
account. It can be the same as the user in the address or it can be different
if your just setting up an alias. By default, once you click, it will be the
name of the user you entered in step 3a. If the user name is valid as per the
green indicator, “Username valid”, proceed to the password box.

5b) Click inside the password box and make any changes to the password that is
needed. You can choose our random password, or you can create one of your own,
just remember to be secure here and use strong passwords. Once the password
passes validation, the next button will be revealed.

6) The final step is to confirm your options. At this point you can copy and
paste this information for your records. Click confirm when ready and your
email account will be created.

If you have any feed back on this “Add Mailbox” process, please be
kind and share your thoughts with us.

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