General Email Setup

How to send / receive email using a mail client?  While all mail clients will have different setup screens, the options can be summed up using the settings below.

Note:  Replace with your real domain name.

Notice:  Don’t use or, use only the portion.

IMAP/POP3 – what is the difference?  IMAP service holds all of your files/folders on the server and pushes them to the various clients you may use.  So, if you delete a message on your iPhone, the message will also be deleted from your desktop mail client as well.  POP3 downloads everything to your device.  If you use multiple devices you should definitely use IMAP.

Incoming mail server IMAP/POP3

Do not select SSL/SECURE.  The user name is just your user name, not the email address.

Outgoing mail server SMTP

Do not select SSL/SECURE but do enable “my server requires authentication”.

Use the same user name and password as you did for the IMAP/POP3 service.

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