Linking coupon codes to M3 for referral credits

If you don’t have a referral coupon code, please email support and we will get you one right away!

Once you have your coupon code, use one of the following examples to link to us:

Example Code:
Click here for the code

Place this on the bottom of your pages, the more pages, the more exposure. Referral credits are automatically credited to your account.

How much do you earn? When a new client signs up using your code, you will earn 2x their initial sign up plan’s rate. You will get a credit equal to their first two payments, split into two months.

They sign up for a $99 server plan. You receive a $99 credit on your account, and then another $99 credit the following month.

If the account is a current client, you get a single credit for their purchased plan.

Thanks for linking to M3!