Mini Howto: Change an FTP / Ssh login password

While this mini howto article provides light instructions for obtaining putty, a terminal program for secure access to your linux server, detailed information is outside the scope of the article.

So, you want to change the password to your ftp/ssh login account on your linux server? No problem!

First, download putty for your windows based operating system and save it into a convenient directory. Copy and paste the following url into a new window:

1) Launch the program putty.exe (or any other terminal program that supports ssh).

2) Enter your server name in the host name field, the same as you would enter for your ftp host. Example: or simply,

3) The server will ask you to login using your current login and password.

4) once logged in, you can simply execute the following command and press enter:


(pressing enter after the command passwd, will enable the server to prompt you. Following the prompts, pressing enter after each one.)

That is it! once you logout, your new password will be required for your next login.

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