Internet Speed

Okay, so I had to post this.

All of a sudden my browser, reliable Firefox, became very slow. At first I thought the site I was on was slow. Then, I assumed it was windows 7, lol. Then, I blamed my high speed Internet connection. Nope.

In fact, it turns out, checking the taskmanager process list, Firefox had consumed 300 MBs of ram, yea, that would slow it down!

Rebooted, problem remained.

What to do? I refuse to use IE8, my personal opinion. I in turn, downloaded Google’s Chrome.

Boy, was I amazed. Not only did chrome import all of my links, favs, and passwords from firefox… SPEED!

So, before you blame your server, or your favorite web site, test another browser. I was surprised.

Keep google chrome fast by making these changes in your google chrome options:

  1. click on options, the wrench icon on the top right
  2. click on the tap “Under the Hood”
  3. Uncheck all options!

Clear the cache, close the browser, open it back up, and it will be fast as new. ¬†Clear your cache from time to time (I don’t clear my passwords, as that is a royal pain).

– Travis