GeoIP block country

The free edition of the GeoIP database is not as accurate as the subscription based database. Test this by working inside a non important testing directory with a simple testing file such as: Create a new .htaccess file with the following contents: SetEnvIf GEOIP_COUNTRY_CODE GB BlockCountry Deny from env=BlockCountry This will block GB from […]

ffmpeg degrades site performance

If your encoder, web service, and media service are all on one server, it is vital that you don’t let one service overrun your maximum CPU for the entire server. Case in point, FFMPEG. While this is more evident on VPS servers with much fewer processors than dedicated servers, it can still effect entry to […]

Disable WordPress Cron

How often should wp-cron.php run? How often do you update or tend to your website? As a rule if you only check your website once a day, then run wp-cron.php once a day. If you find that you are getting a LOT of spam comments and Akismet is not keeping on top of it, then […]

Crontab Reference

Crontab syntax : A crontab file has five fields for specifying day , date and time followed by the command to be run at that interval. Straight from the crontab manual: # Example of job definition: # .—————- minute (0 – 59) # | .————- hour (0 – 23) # | | .———- day of […]

exclude directory for rewrite rules

Many php applications have their own internal URL rewriting techniques. To exclude a path from being included in these rewrite rules, you can do so with htaccess. WARNING: Make a backup of your original .htaccess file as always. Backups are GREAT practice to follow. If something goes wrong, please remove the lines from your .htaccess […]

Connecting to Database via MySQL Workbench

You will need to open a Support Ticket with M3 Server. CLICK HERE to open ticket. M3 Server will need your IP. CLICK HERE and you will be provided with your IP. Note: We need the IP that our site reports so it can be whitelisted. IP should be static, not dynamic, or security will […]