deny file types from directory

Sometimes you may want to block content from certain directories: – prevent apache from serving the files to prevent mass downloads while allowing your media server to serve them. – storage directory that shouldn’t serve specific files until they are processed, IE, temp directory Place this content into the local directory you wish to block […]

How to setup Android Mail App

The following blog entry will help you configure your Android device mail app settings. 1) Select Mail App 2) Click Menu 3) Select Settings 4) Click Add account 5) Enter Email address and Password   6) Click Next 7) Select IMAP account type. INCOMING SERVER SETTINGS 8) Enter Username and Password Note: Both are case […]

xmlrpc attacks

Most clients and sites do not use xmlrpc function of WordPress so we block access to this file by our default apache configuration. If you need it enabled, just add this code to the top of your .htaccess file for the site in question: IMPORTANT READING: What is haccess and why you should back up […]

Advanced Spam Filter Instructions

Even with spam filters installed you can still be getting flooded with junk in your inbox. Note: Please unregister from mailing lists of the spam source, you may have signed up to receive mail or even not noticed a box being checked to receive mail. 1) Login to webmail. Click Here Username: bob Password: ********** […]

GeoIP block country

The free edition of the GeoIP database is not as accurate as the subscription based database. Test this by working inside a non important testing directory with a simple testing file such as: Create a new .htaccess file with the following contents: SetEnvIf GEOIP_COUNTRY_CODE GB BlockCountry Deny from env=BlockCountry This will block GB from […]

ffmpeg degrades site performance

If your encoder, web service, and media service are all on one server, it is vital that you don’t let one service overrun your maximum CPU for the entire server. Case in point, FFMPEG. While this is more evident on VPS servers with much fewer processors than dedicated servers, it can still effect entry to […]

Disable WordPress Cron

How often should wp-cron.php run? How often do you update or tend to your website? As a rule if you only check your website once a day, then run wp-cron.php once a day. If you find that you are getting a LOT of spam comments and Akismet is not keeping on top of it, then […]